Alex Levy

A Valeo F.C. Journey

Get To Know Valeo Alex Levy

Alex has been playing with Valeo for 6 years! With all of the hard work this 2004 standout puts in on and off the field, she is bound to become a big star in the game like her idol Andreas Iniesta.

What is your favorite moment with Valeo?

"One of my proudest Valeo moments was when we went to Spain and I scored the game winning goals against Canada. That is definitely a career highlight that I will never forget."

What are your soccer goals? 

"My main soccer goal is to work as hard as possible to take my team and myslef to the top level of competition. Another goal I have my eyes on is to become a top college player. I know with hard work and dedication these goals are definitely achievable."

Favorite soccer trick? 

"My favorite soccer trick is the elastico because it is simple and quick, yet very effective."

Alex Levy

Favorite Valeo coach?

"My favorite coach is Former coach Katy LaBella."

What challenges have you overcome? 

"One major challenge that I overcame was being set back because of multiple injuries. To add to that my team separated which pushed me to work my tail off to move up an age group and play with an elite team. In the end I know it was worth all of the hard work."

During the downtime the past few months, Alex has been going on runs every day, keeping in touch with her teammates, and getting touches on the ball in the afternoon for at least 45 minutes.

"I aim for 1 hour and 20 minutes. No matter what it’s important to stay consistent and touch the ball everyday. Along with soccer drills I’vs also been doing fitness everyday."


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