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Valeo Futbol Foundation sends equipment and uniforms to aspiring athletes in Kenya

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Through a partnership with elite academies in Kenya, who share a similar mission, Valeo is providing support to teams in Nairobi, Kisumu, and Rusinga Island. 

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To understand the impact of these partnerships, the Kisumu Academy currently has 19 players in the Kenya Premier League. One of their graduates now plays for Union Omaha of the USL. These collaborations provide an opportunity for hundreds of youth athletes to receive superior training and develop into talented players. They also provide pathways to US schools and academy clubs, as well as European academy clubs. Valeo players in our local community also benefit from this synergy with pathways to European opportunities. 

The Valeo Foundation & Valeo FC Members support fellow soccer players in the Caribbean through a collaboration with Second-Half Sport Foundation Valeo players and their families share our mission of giving-back, and are always there to step-up to the plate and help us provide access to soccer, for all deserving youth, regardless of geography!


Our 1-day gear drive collected over 75 pairs of cleats and futsal shoes, over 100 shirts, shorts, socks, and training gear, and over 30 balls, shin guards and keeper gloves.  Through Second-Half Sport Foundation, All gear will be distributed to at-risk youth players in Trinidad and Tobago by the Police in those communities, in an effort to develop better relationships through soccer.

Valeo Futbol Foundation sends soccer gear and equipment to Academy in Cape Verde

Valeo FC is privileged to serve a tremendously diverse player population locally and globally.  In alignment with our mission to provide access and opportunity regardless of financial or geographic barriers,  we actively promote, organize, and fund numerous programs that effectively remove those barriers.  

Valeo is committed to increasing participation in youth sports around the world.   Using soccer as a global language and a connector of many cultures, we reached out to new friends in Cape Verde, Africa.

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Valeo players and coaches collected new and gently used gear to be sent to Bola Pra Frente Academia de Futbol in Praia, Cape Verde.  The goal was to support their efforts to make soccer accessible to any child who wants to play.  This wonderful organization share a similar mission to Valeo by using the beautiful game as a metaphor for life, and work to develop youth soccer players to become great leaders and citizens of the next generation.

The Valeo Foundation recently established a partnership with Academia de futebol de formação - Bola pra Frente based in Praia, Cape Verde. 


Valeo Foundation hosts two Cape Verdean youth players as part of new exchange program

In addition to sending equipment, we were pleased to have the opportunity to host two players, Rai and Saulo  from Bola Pra Frente, at our Summer Camp held in Boston, MA.

We hope to continue and strengthen our partnership with this great Academy in Cape Verde as we look to create an ongoing exchange program between the two Clubs.

Valeo / KSAFA Academy in Jamaica

The Valeo Futbol Foundation creates tremendous social impact in Jamaica through its partnership with KSAFA (The Kingston and St Andrew Football Association).

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The Valeo Futbol Foundation funds The Valeo KSAFA  Academy Jamaica to develop the area's elite players into world-class players.  This commitment to developing players (and people) beyond the borders of the U.S. exemplifies Valeo's mission of providing access and opportunity to all ambitious and talented youth players regardless of their socioeconomic or geographic boundaries. 

"Our goal with KSAFA is really to take a holistic developmental approach by focusing on the people first. We aim to focus on leadership and individual skill development, making sure that each player is healthy, mentally and physically, and has a clear pathway to pursue excellence and realize success,” says Emelio Williams, Founder of Valeo FC and The Valeo Foundation.

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The Valeo FC / KSAFA partnership fills an important gap long identified by KSAFA's leadership, notably that many clubs are not developing local (Jamaica) players at the level that is required to compete on the world stage.   The KSAFA/Valeo Academy provides significant help in developing the individual talent of youth players in the Kingston and St. Andrew communities, into world-class players that can compete at a global level. 

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Williams (pictured on far left alongside other Valeo KSAFA Coaches) shares “I started Valeo because futbol gave me everything. It gave me the opportunity to realize my dream, travel the world, meet interesting people, and expand my mind."  The cornerstone of The Valeo Foundation is providing access to elite futbol training and the opportunities for personal growth, excellence, and the pathways to success, that come with it. 

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Identification of a Corporate Sponsor or Individual Benefactor for Valeo KSAFA Jamaica, is being pursued to support the growth of this incredibly meaningful program.  

To learn more about making a profound impact on youth in this part of the world, through soccer, please reach out to:   Information@ireland.valeofc.com.  A member of our Executive Team will contact you. 

Valeo FC sends holiday care packages to Jamaica

The Valeo Futbol Foundation sent holiday care packages to the Burnt Savanna United Youth Club in the small town of Santa Cruz, Jamaica. The club is a community-run organization who aim to enhance and embrace the success of peace, unity and togetherness among the Santa Cruz community. 

We visited with the elderly and gave them care packages and had gifts, treats and fun activities for the kids. Gary Johnson, the President of the Club, said that it was a great feeling for him and for the club to see the kids having fun and the smiles on their faces when they received their gifts. "We are in a rural area and so we are at a socioeconomic disadvantage", said Mr. Johnson, "so things like this are good for the people of this community."

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Athlone Town Stadium

Brawny Road

Lissywollen, Athlone

Co. Westmeath, N37 P7D7, Ireland





Athlone Town Stadium

Brawny Road

Lissywollen, Athlone

Co. Westmeath, N37 P7D7, Ireland