Eliana Pirint

A Valeo F.C. Journey

Get To Know Valeo Athlete Eliana Pirint

 Eliana has been part of the Valeo family for 7 years now! We sat down (virtually) with this 2006 standout and fired off a few questions. Here is what she had to say! 

What is your favorite moment with Valeo?

My proudest moment at Valeo was being named one of the elite 11 players in 2017.

What challenges have you overcome & what are your soccer goals? 

Juggling the soccer ball has always been a challenge but its something you have to do to get better. My goal is to work on my speed and become a faster player.

Favorite coach & professional player? 

Rizzy is my favorite coach! And as for a player, Alex Morgan. 


During this COVID-19 downtime, Eliana is keeping active by passing the ball and juggling. Her favorite soccer move is the rainbow. Way to go Eliana! We love having you part of our team.

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