Elias Novina

A Valeo F.C. Journey

Get To Know Valeo's Elias Novina

Elias has been playing with Valeo for just one year. The 2005 standout puts in hard work on and off the field and is bound to become a big star in the game like his idol Robert Lewandowski.

What is your favorite moment with Valeo?

"My favorite moment with Valeo was when I scored a huge goal against NEFC, who was the number 1 team in the state at the time!"

What are your soccer goals? 

"A big goal of mine that I have always had is to play collegiate soccer at the D1 level. I know division 1 soccer is extremely competitive, but I believe with hard work and dedication I can reach my goal."

Favorite soccer trick? 

"My favorite soccer trick is Ronaldo scissors because it is very fast and very effective against the defender."

Elias Novina

Favorite Valeo coach?

"My favorite coach is Wagner."

What challenges have you overcome? 

"One of the biggest challenges I have had to work on is my technique. Getting the fundamentals in place is important. Once I mastered my technique I started to work on speed and agility."

During his downtime, Elias has been doing daily technical workouts, as well as maintaining fitness with daily runs and sprints, and upper body workouts.

That's what we like to hear!

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