Valeo F.C. Tests Out The Gatorade Gx Sweat Patch, Powered By Epicore

Valeo F.C. Pilots New Technology In Training

Have you ever wondered how much you should drink after a workout? Or, what is the best sport drink to maximize my performance on the field? Well, the Epicore Sweat Patch does just that.

The Sweat Patch, powered by Epicore Biosystems analyzes your sweat to give you valuable information on your hydration. The Sweat Patch gives athletes their sweat rate & the makeup of their sweat so you know how you should be hydrating while training. 



The Valeo F.C. club had the privilege of testing out the product and putting it to work on the field. The Sweat Patch is also worn by Boston Celtics star player, Jason Tatum. Watch him in action! 

"Whether you're a young soccer athlete just getting started or a serious professional athlete like Jason, we believe that trying new things and testing new products is crucial to club progress. We want the best for our athletes and investing our time and energy into tech is something we believe in." says, Emilio Williams, Club Founder.

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