Providing Access and Opportunity

Valeo Makes A Difference In Kid's Lives


Concord NH (U13)

I want to thank Corlton and everyone at Valeo for letting me come in and all being kind to me and treating me like family. I also want to thank Corlton for the rides to practice. I don’t know what I would do without you. Thank you. I really appreciate the opportunity you guys are giving me.”


Concord NH (U11)

 “Thank you for letting me come to Valeo. It’s going to help me learn soccer better. It’s also going to help me focus in school. I’m lucky to be at this great soccer club and on the team. I really like Corlton, and thank you to all the coaches. I like the kids that play on my team too; they’re all very very good.”


Concord NH (U12)

“I am so grateful I get to be in such a great club. I can’t believe I got to this point, and I can’t explain how happy I am to be in this soccer club. I never thought I would be able to get a scholarship like this, but I’m so thankful Coach Corlton and Valeo gifted me one. This means so much to me. I love soccer so much, and I’ve always wanted to play for a great club.”

“On behalf of ProjectSTORY, we would like to thank VALEO FC for generously supporting our refugee youth organization.  We are grateful to be part of the VALEO family, and we very much appreciate this opportunity to facilitate the personal development, growth, and overall success of our kids…We are so grateful.”

                                      -Charm C.


Soccer Makes a Difference in Kids Lives. The Valeo Foundation Supports Their Journey.

Valeo is proud to help these young athletes, and so many other talented and ambitious youth players, both locally and globally.

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Through a partnership with elite academies in Kenya, who share a similar mission, Valeo is providing support to teams in Nairobi, Kisumu, and Rusinga Island. 

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To understand the impact of these partnerships, the Kisumu Academy currently has 19 players in the Kenya Premier League. One of their graduates now plays for Union Omaha of the USL. These collaborations provide an opportunity for hundreds of youth athletes to receive superior training and develop into talented players. They also provide pathways to US schools and academy clubs, as well as European academy clubs. Valeo players in our local community also benefit from this synergy with pathways to European opportunities. 

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“Thanks again for the support through Valeo. The kids and coaches were very excited to be donned in new uniforms and equipment.”

-Chris B.

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