IRONMAN 2022-2023

June 21st - August 13th, Weekly

Designed for the elite, ambitious club player, the Ironman Program is built on improving individual players soccer speed (technical, tactical, mental and physical) and Strength (mental and physical). All sessions are designed to make players stronger, faster, more explosive while aggressively focused on improving each player’s skills, technique, and tactical understanding.


Three Reasons To Camp Here!

Professional Players As Coaches & Mentors

A Focus On Developing Individual Player's Skill & Game Knowledge

Positive Environment Designed To Foster Creativity

Areas Of Development

  • Speed (technical, tactical, mental and physical)
  • Strength (mental and physical)
  • Explosiveness

Ironman Camp Testimonials

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Patrick Leal

Participant | Sporting C.P. – Lisbon Portugal

“Whenever I’m back from Portugal, the best thing for me to be able to compete and dominate in my upcoming season has always been Ironman. Whenever I go back to Portugal for preseason, I am confident that I am always the most fit and technical, and I owe a lot of that to Ironman.”

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Mathew Leal

Participant | Casa Pia A.C. – Lisbon, Portugal

“After doing Ironman during the summer, I always go into my pre season the most fit out of anyone In the team, which gave me a huge advantage and helped me stand out during pre season, and having a good pre season is how you start a great season.”

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Matthew Goncalves

Participant | Cornell University - Class of 2024

“Ironman helped shape me into the athlete I am today. Not only did it have a great fitness and technical program, it helped me realize the values of a good work ethic and dedication. Without ironman, I don’t think I'd be in the position I am in today.”

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 9.42.18 AM

Lily Matthews

Participant | Boston University – Class of 2024

“Ironman has provided me with an environment in which I could test my physical and mental boundaries. Coach Wagner’s dedication to the program and his commitment to challenging player’s fitness, technical ability, and dedication gave me a competitive advantage over my teammates and competitors.”

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Lex Dudman

Assistant Coach | Sporting Kansas Academy – U19 Team

"Ironman is a phenomenal training camp. Through the blood, sweat, and tears I have shed through the program, it has made me a more elite athlete with an edge over the rest. More importantly, it has made me a better person by embedding virtues such as focus, perseverance, mental toughness, and countless more. I will forever be grateful for Ironman."

Camp FAQ's

What age groups can participate?

Boys & Girls

2006 and older

*recommendation required*

What are the exact camp dates?

Week 1: June 21st - 24th

Week 2: June 28th - July 2nd

Week 3: July 6th - 9th

Week 4: July 12th - 16th

Week 5: July 19th - 23rd

Week 6: July 26th - 30th

Week 7: August 2nd - 6th

Week 8: August 9th - 13th

Where is camp located?

West Roxbury HS (turf field)

Who can I contact?

What are camp times and prices?

8AM - 12PM: $295


How can I register?

Contact Us