Valeo Foundation Hosts Two Cape Verdean youth Players as Part of New Exchange Program

July 17, 2018 - Valeo Foundation recently established a new partnership with Academia de futebol de formação - Bola pra Frente based in Praia, Cape Verde.



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Bola pra Frente is a football school dedicated to the training of children and their promotion and social integration. They aim to develop not only their soccer skills, but the values ​​of a sportsman that will accompany them throughout their lives.

We were extremely excited to partner with an organization who shares our same core values.

The partnership began when Valeo collected and sent gently used and new gear to Cape Verde to help support their efforts to make soccer accessible to any kid who wants to play.

In July, we had the opportunity to host Saulo Tavares, age 7 (pictured left), and Rai Varela, age 5, (pictured right) at our summer camp in Boston, MA. The boys had the opportunity to attend camp and spend a week in the United States.

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