Sam Dutton

A Valeo F.C. Journey

Meet Sam Dutton

Sam Dutton has been playing with Valeo for four years now! We sat down (virtually) and fired off a few questions. Here's what Sam had to say! 

What is your favorite moment with Valeo?

My proudest moment at Valeo was moving up to the top team for my 2005 age group.


What challenges have you overcome? 

I had a lot growing pains a few years ago that prevented me from playing.

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What are your soccer goals? 

My goal is to be able to play soccer for a good college program.

Favorite coach & professional player? 

Favorite coach - Wagner Brito. As for favorite professional player - Messi.

During this COVID-19 downtime, Sam is training in his backyard every day and going on runs to stay fit. His favorite soccer move is the scorpion kick. Keep up with Sam and his soccer skills by following his Instagram account!

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