Valeo FC sends Back-To-School Supplies To Jamaica + Haiti

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At Valeo we look to encourage our players to be leaders on and off the field. As part of this leadership initiative, the club aims to foster a culture of civic responsibility, volunteering and giving back.

As a part of this commitment to Leadership Development and Community Service, current players at Valeo FC spent the morning packing up back-to school bags full of school supplies to be sent to Jamaica and Haiti.

In total, 1000 bags were sent full of pens, pencils, rulers, pencil sharpeners and notebooks. These school supplies were then sent to various schools and orphanages in need.

"Please accept heartfelt thanks for your donation of school supplies to our children", said Ameria Munroe, the Manager at Blossom Gardens Child Care Facility in Monetgo Bay, "we really appreciate this initiative and the children have benefited by your kind gesture".

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