Tysenger Alcin

A Valeo F.C. Journey

Get To Know Valeo Athlete Tysenger Alcin

Tysenger has been playing with Valeo for 1 year! With all of the hard work this 2005 standout puts in on and off the field, He is bound to become the next Kylian Mbappe (his favorite professional soccer player).

What is your favorite moment with Valeo?

One of my proudest Valeo moments was when I made it to the top team in my age group. Getting to that point was very tough because the competition was very good. In the end, I believe competing with top-level athletes really pushes me to become better and get to a higher skill level

What are your soccer goals? 

My main soccer goal is to become a top-level player as a professional. As I mentioned before competing with the best is a big motivator for me, and I believe if I continue to play with the best I can eventually be one of the best. 

What challenges have you overcome? 

One major challenge that I overcame was a knee injury. The knee injury itself was definitely a bummer, but the fact that it kept me from playing for a few months added salt to the wound. Another challenge I have had to overcome is the skill level when playing with better players. It is definitely a great way to push yourself but can be very challenging.

Tysenger Alcin

Favorite soccer trick? 

My favorite soccer trick is the step over because its quick and throws the defender off.

Favorite Valeo coach?

I love all the coaches at Valeo and believe that each one brings a different set of skills to help us all differently while developing into strong soccer players. However, if I had to choose one coach who has truly been with me through everything and been a major part of my development is coach Wagner Brito no doubt. Coach Wagner has definitely impacted my game and given me some great advice. I really appreciate the time coach Wagner spent with me individually and really giving me the confidence to work towards my soccer goals.

During this COVID-19 downtime, Tysenger is staying super active! Whether it’s 10 minutes or an hour, I get touches on the ball every single day. I also have been doing a lot of cardio to stay in shape as well as ball mastery work to stay on top of myself. That's what we like to hear!


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