Valeo Futbol Junior Academy Program

The Valeo Futbol Junior Academy's - Elite Player Development programs are the most comprehensive training sessions in football.

Junior Academy Program

Designed for the passionate player whose goals are to have fun, learn, and play the game at the highest level. Over the course of multiple weeks and months, students will benefit from our holistic, progressive and full-time Academy training. The Jr. Academy's goal is to build well-rounded players utilizing a technical, tactical, physical and mental training model approach.

Junior Academy Skill Clinics

The Minions Clinic: Ages 4-6


The Minions Futbol Skills Clinic Program is designed for children ages 4-6 and it includes games and exercises that focus on introducing foot skills, technical touches, and team-building experiences all while having fun.

Mini Champions Clinic: Ages 7-9


The Jr. Academy Mini Champions Program is an advanced, moderately intensive, yet fun program designed specifically to improve a player’s individual skill, technique, and tactical awareness while fostering a love of the game.

Advanced Skills Camp: Ages 4-10


The Mini Champs Advance Academy builds on the Mini-Champions program with a more intense focus on developing technique skill and tactical intelligence.

Elite Player Development League: Ages 4-9


The Junior Academy Alumni Program is designed for Academy players that want the experience of being in a club environment and training with club players. The program is an elite level training package that encompasses focused speed, agility, strength training and advanced technical and tactical concepts.

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