Striker HS Clinic Fall Session II

Striker HS Clinic Fall Session II

October 20th - November 17th, Weekly

The Striker Clinic has a specific focus on ball striking, long-range and short-range finishing, crossing, and using creativity to create goal-scoring opportunities.  Players will be taken through a series of ball-striking techniques, drills, and games to ensure they have the precision necessary to score like the pros!


Why Valeo F.C. Clinics?

Professional Players As Coaches & Mentors

A Focus On Developing Individual Player's Skill & Game Knowledge

Positive Environment Designed To Foster Creativity

Camp FAQ's

What age groups can participate?

Boys & Girls

2006 and older

What are the exact camp dates?

Week 1: Tuesday, October 20th

Week 2: Tuesday, October 27th

Week 3: Tuesday, November 3rd

Week 4: Tuesday, November 10th

Week 5: Thursday, November 17th

Where is camp located?

The Roxbury Latin School

Who can I contact?


What are camp times and prices?

430PM - 630PM: $195 (5 weeks)


How can I register?

Contact Us